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    Olympia Double Heads Heating Massager-Random Color DBS10298

    AED 75.00 AED 159.00
    53 % off
    Two head applicator with long streamline design massager that uses comfortable technology to imitate the techniques of a professional massager. With palm area size massager that uses Chinese traditional herbal hot pack therapy.

    3 in 1 Bundle Relax and Tone Body Massager + 6 in 1 Face Massager + Callous Remover DBB10016

    AED 69.00 AED 189.00
    64 % off
    The easiest way to exercise relax. Super effective and hand-held! 360 degree off-centered axis design oscillates over 2500 times per minute. Slimming, toning and relaxing, all in one amazing device. Relax tone with 5 heads

    2 in 1 Combo Eci Slimer Mini Body Massage Hair Bun

    AED 29.00 AED 99.00
    71 % off
    Instantly look 5 or 10 kgs thinner! Flattens Tummy Lifts Butt . Slim n Lift Body shaper undergarment that can give you a Figure straight away. Give you a flat, trim and smart look from below the bust line all the way to just above the knees youll feel comfortable and confident wearing it. Instantly transform your figure into the curved figure of a Model. This is a great product, It Flatters The Tummy, Lift The Butts This product is good for Party, Wedding dresses, Dresses; Tight Fitting Dress, Costumes, Jeans, trousers

    Relax N Tone Body Massager DBS10383

    AED 29.00 AED 99.00
    71 % off
    Relax tone, relax tone massager, relaxing massager There is a light weight and effective device capable of targeting Abs, Buns, Thighs, Carves and Underarms.

    Beauty Care Massager 6 in 1 DBS10084

    AED 29.00 AED 99.00
    71 % off
    Beauty Care Massager | 6-in-1 6 Types of Rotating Heads: Crude polishing Rolling massager Pumice stone Make-up sponge

    Olympia Comfort Travel Pillow With Neck Massager -Random Color DBS10296

    AED 25.00 AED 75.00
    67 % off
    Ergonomically design to fit your neck and shoulders. Enjoy an instant personal relaxation experience. Can be used to massage neck and shoulder or simply as support cushion. Great for travel as it is made with lightweight material and portable.


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