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    Buy 4 In 1 Kitchen Bundle DBB10208 Olympia Heavy duty iron, He House Kettle, He House 3 in 1 blender & Topaz mini hot pot set

    AED 99.00 AED 299.00
    67 % off
    Easy temperature settings Adjustable swivel cord 220v-240v 1000w-6LB

    He-House 16 In 1 Hair Care Set DBS10210

    AED 79.00 AED 159.00
    51 % off
    Fix your hair to make it ready for work, party or casual occasion with this Hair Care Set. It comes with different attachment brush and heat settings

    He-House 2 Dish Big Size Buffet Warmer DBS10212

    AED 89.00 AED 299.00
    71 % off
    A big serving tray for 2 dishes. Have this to serve your dishes during party, family gathering or occasional event. A serving trays that keeps your food hot electronically. It comes with a detachable stainless steel bowl to easily clean when the dinning is over.

    He-House 2 in 1 Hair Crimper & Straightener DBS10214

    AED 29.00 AED 99.00
    71 % off
    Want to change your hair Style. Have this hair crimper available in your room. Decide whether you want a straight, deep wavy, zigzag style of hair. You can have it all using this styler with convertible plates.

    He-House 2 Pan Buffet Server DBS10218

    AED 99.00 AED 199.00
    51 % off
    He-House 2 Pan Buffet Server, HE2225/BF-PBL Ideal for Breakfast, BBQS, XMAS, and More 200WTS

    He-House 4 in 1 Blender, Juicer, Dry Mill DBS10222

    AED 99.00 AED 299.00
    67 % off
    He-House 4 in 1 Blender, Juicer, Dry Mill, HE1764-PBL Speedy Cleaning & Cleaning Brush Circuit Breaker to Prevent Motor Burnout Clear Glass 1000ML Container Unique Scraper Stainless Steel Spinner Detachable Container Base for Easy Cleaning 220V-240V - 50/60Hz - 500Watt